The Python community is awesome because of the people. Python People is a weekly podcast about getting to know the people who help make the Python community great.
It's less about the tech, and more about the people.

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Nikita Karamov - Russia, Germany, Django, and Jazzband

Nikita Karamov is a Python developer and maintainer on various open source Python projects.Some topics covered:Notes on university education in programming and enginee...

Pamela Fox - Teaching Python, Accessibility, and Tools

Pamela Fox is a Python Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft. Topics include:Girl Develop ItDjango GirlsGirls Who CodeTeaching a language vs teaching a toolWhat a dev ...

Julian Sequeira - Pybites, Australia, Mindset, and Teaching New Programmers

Julian Sequeira is a cofounder of Pybites. He's a Python coach, a podcaster, a career mindset advocate, and is learning guitar.Topics include:Learning guitarVacationin...

Will Vincent - Django, Writing Technical Books

Will Vincent is a former board member of the Django Software Foundation. He's written 3 books on Django, writes a django newsletter, is a podcast co-host for Django Chat.

Carlton Gibson - Django, Spain, Parenting, and Open Source

Carlton recently stepped down as a Django Fellow, maintains many Django related projects, is starting two SaaS companies, and is a podcast host on "Django Chat".Some o...

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