Carlton Gibson - Django, Spain, Parenting, and Open Source

Carlton recently stepped down as a Django Fellow, maintains many Django related projects, is starting two SaaS companies, and is a podcast host on "Django Chat".

Some of what we talk about:
  • Being a Django fellow for 5 years
  • Maintaining several Django related open source projects
  • Client work 
  • Time with family
  • Building a couple Software as a Service projects
  • Kids and travel
  • Kids and food
  • Living in Spain as a British citizen
  • How Brexit has affected his options
  • Being an open source maintainer and that it's ok to pause it when life takes precedence.
  • Being kind to other maintainers and acknowledging them as human
  • Django 5 form template imporovements
  • Good places to be a tourist in Spain
  • Spains wonderful train system

The Complete pytest Course
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Creators and Guests

Brian Okken
Brian Okken
Software Engineer, also on Python Bytes and Test & Code podcasts
Carlton Gibson
Carlton Gibson
Django and PSF Fellow. Mostly working on and with Django. Building Btn App ( for simpler deployments
Carlton Gibson - Django, Spain, Parenting, and Open Source
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